Used buying guide: Honda S2000


Buyer beware…

Bodywork: Solidly built with excellent overall quality, but check the body carefully as the panels are expensive to replace. Many examples have suffered relatively minor accidental damage and some repairs are better than others.

Brakes: They are excellent to use and hold up well to wear. However, there are reports of older, high-mileage cars of a sticky parking brake mechanism and, in some cases, binding calipers.

Frame: Sockets can seize. Honda UK do not sell individual bushings so look for Mugen replacements to save money. Check receipts for proof of work done on the rings. If there was none, make sure the steering wheel is straight and there is no uneven tire wear. Check nuts, bolts and eccentric adjusters as they can seize with age.

Transmission: The six-speed manual has a lot of vibration through the lever due to its direct connection to the gearbox. However, the gearbox itself, rear differential, driveshaft and clutch are all strong, although there are some clutch ratios that go flat after 50-100km. The slave cylinder on older cars may go missing.

Interior and hood: Generally, the interior quality is good. The leather interior wears well, although high-mileage examples may have a worn driver’s seat. Inspect the soft top for signs of cracks and potential leaks. Cars up to 2001 had a plastic rear window, which can crack. A new roof costs between £300 and £1000.


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