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Top 6 planes for new owners

  1. Cessna 172 Skyhawk
  2. Cessna 182 Skylane
  3. Cirrus SR20
  4. Mooney M20
  5. Piper Cherokee
  6. Beech Bonanza 35

Cessnas are perennial favorites of new owners. They are also popular, withPiper Cherokee, in the training market. These two reasons explain their positions on this list. Moreover, their values ​​have increased, especially in the era of the pandemic as well as the previous (and continuing) high demand for flight training aircraft.

The Cirrus SR20 has an excellent reputation for customer service, is a very stable flight platform, offers the “gee whiz” factors of the side stick, all-glass cockpit and of course the ballistic parachute. As the Cessna and Piper fleets continue to age, and more emphasis is placed on advanced avionics in training aircraft, the SR20 will continue to grow in popularity in the primary training environment.

Mooney planes have a reputation for sipping fuel while moving fast. They are also known to be “pilot planes”, i.e. care must be taken to fly them. They are also comfortable (one of the reasons for their aerodynamic finesse). And new Mooneys traditionally cost close to Beechcraft, so not available to everyone. Put that in total, and it’s not hard to see why this underrated aircraft was never a top contender for first-time buyers.

However, last year the Mooney M20 reached #5. The M20 benefited from the high values ​​of Cessnas, Pipers, Beechcraft and Cirrus. Mooney’s values ​​have remained consistent with previous years, making it a relative bargain. Those who have purchased have found the M20 to be a sturdy hauler, moving 2-3 people and bags quickly a few hundred miles at a time.

The Beech Bonanza is a future-proof and ambitious aircraft for the discerning first-time buyer. Bonanzas have a good payload and can carry four people and a few bags quickly and comfortably. Additionally, the 35 performs well for multiple mission profiles. The increase in value they enjoyed did not seem to deter determined pilot-owners from buying a Bonanza.

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