Today in B2B: dairy data accelerates the movement of milk


Today in B2B Payments, Clair and Criterion are teaming up to offer on-demand payment, while TurnKey Lender appoints a new chairman of the board and raises $10 million. Additionally, Zuora and BNP Paribas are partnering for usage-based equipment services.

Clair digital banking platform and Criterion team to offer payment on demand

Clair, a digital banking platform, has partnered with human capital management (HCM) software company Criterion to offer free on-demand compensation to Criterion employees and customers.

Later this year, Criterion will launch the partnership by rolling out Clair On-Demand Pay to all of its users. The companies said the partnership will allow Criterion customers to offer employees more flexibility in accessing their earnings, at no cost to either the company or the worker.

Pod Foods launches fundraising tool for emerging brands

The wholesale B2B grocery marketplace equipped with Pod Foods Logistics has launched Pod Foods Capital, a funding tool for emerging brands that need help accessing capital.

The launch of Pod Foods Capital includes a line of credit and term loans, and financing offers are customized based on data from the Pod Foods platform. Users can view their eligibility and terms for this funding on their dashboards, then accept the funds, which will be deposited into their bank account within days.

Turnkey Lender Raises $10M, Appoints Chairman of the Board

B2B Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company TurnKey Lender announced Thursday (July 14) that it has raised $10 million in new funding and appointed Christian Morales as chairman of its board of directors.

The company said it would use the funds to “take advantage of new opportunities in macro trends in integrated lending adoption in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, following a trajectory of sustainable growth.” TurnKey’s customers include traditional, alternative and integrated lenders such as FinTechs, telecoms, retailers, medical and B2B lenders.

The dairy industry uses data to speed up the delivery of perishable products

Like many other industries, the dairy industry faces global supply chain issues while trying to produce and transport a perishable product.

Despite the short amount of time industry players have to get milk from farm to factory, many still use paper-and-pen and legacy systems. Milk Moovement was founded in 2018 to provide an alternative to the industry, and today the company’s dairy farmers and distribution partners track and route shipments in real time.

The company also recently raised $20 million in a Series A to help accelerate product development and adoption of the technology platform in North America.

Zuora and BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions Partner to Offer Usage-Based Equipment Services

Zuora, a subscription management cloud platform provider, has partnered with BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions to offer new solutions for the use of professional equipment.

BNP Paribas Leasing Solutions, part of one of the largest banks in the world, offers financing for professional equipment. Partnering with Zuora will allow industry partners to offer usage-based equipment to their customers, eliminating the need to own and maintain expensive equipment.

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