This emission-free 1957 Chevrolet C10 has 1,200 hp thanks to Tesla


The electric revolution is here. And by that, we mean the world of electric vehicles. Automakers around the world have finally realized that we can’t continue to use gasoline or diesel engines, and we need to find a way to make driving more sustainable. And electric vehicles are playing a big part in that right now, with more and more of them appearing. And it’s not just Tesla making them now, as Honda, Toyota and BMW are all getting in on the act.

However, what the introduction of electric vehicles has done is open the door to electric car restomods. Take a classic car and breathe new life into it that it might not have had otherwise. And this car here is an epic example of what can be done. It’s a 1957 Chevy C10 pickup truck, which has undergone crazy modifications to make it a 1200 hp monster with a Tesla transmission. We’re pretty sure General Motors never considered this when the pickup left their factory!

Getting to know this epic truck

EVMAGZ and Barcroft Cars did a little showcase each on this amazing van. The truck comes from the team at Salvage 2 Savage, who wanted to create an electric hotrod that would show gasoline diehards that an electric car can hold its own. And as the team says, the car will take off as soon as you put your foot down. Mike from Salvage 2 Save says the truck is really an extreme design. And that’s also highlighted when we realize there are two Tesla motors in this truck.

What inspired the team to create it were the JDM-inspired race vehicles that have a bit of a carbon fiber look. This has been carefully blended with American muscle, to create this amazing car that really only needs one Tesla engine to create a lot of power! What it has is essentially the equivalent of two V8 engines under the hood. It’s all about being extreme, and the team named this truck the S2SLA. In total, this monster has over 1,200 hp, which is an insane amount of power. The motors are from a Tesla Model S while the battery is from a Tesla Model 3.

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A truly extreme Restomod EV

In total, it took the team about 8 months to build, an impressive build time especially for the team’s first electric car. Everything was done for the SEMA auto show, hence the rather quick turnaround. And although the team wasn’t able to paint the car properly what they did was just put a 3M Avery wrap on the car which matches the carbon fiber parts quite well from the rest of the truck. The two colors complement each other very well, and it’s even more impressive to learn that the carbon fender flares were all made and designed in-house.


According to Mike, the team also wanted to make sure the truck was as low and wide as possible, to create the classic hotrod look we all know and love. And they certainly succeeded. It was like taking a cardboard render and bringing it to life, they say. Even though it is now an electric vehicle, the C10 still needs a cooling system and the Salvage 2 Savage crew fitted the truck with a Mishimoto cooling system, probably one of the best cooling systems for an electric car.

A mix of old Hotrod and modern EV

The battery looks pretty crazy, as can be seen from the bed of the van. It starts in the bed of the truck and then descends to the floor of the C10. One of the coolest features that really sets this truck apart is the rear end design with the amazing custom infinity light built into the back of the tailgate. Simply put, you won’t find such a design on any other C10. That’s one hell of a cool feature.

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Pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle design

What the Salvage 2 Savage team has done is really push the design of restomod electric vehicles. Inside, for example, it even has a touchscreen system like you would in a Tesla, and the roll cage is a bit of a telltale of the car’s power levels. What Mike likes is that it proves that you can make electric cars in extreme ways, and yes, there will be enemies. But it tells those you shouldn’t hit it until you’ve tried it, because EVs really aren’t that bad at all.

Sources: Barcroft Cars


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