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Chris Evans and Robert Downey Jr. have a level of respect and admiration unmatched in the glamorous world of Hollywood. Their contribution to cinema is commendable, with their memorable onscreen characters displaying a unique blend of style and versatility. Both Avengers have reached unmatched levels of notoriety for their portrayals of Marvel’s Captain America and Iron Man characters, respectively. Their on-screen persona is powerful yet intelligent, which extends to their auto collection as well.

The automotive collection of either of these Hollywood megastars exudes an unmatched level of style, luxury and sheer exorbitance. From the legendary 1967 Chevrolet Camaro owned by Chris Evans to the powerful and fast Ferrari California T driven by Robert Downey Jr, the combined style quotient of these two collections is stratospheric.

The four-wheeled exotics owned by these two Hollywood giants show off their obvious love and passion for cars. Their approach to automobiles is exquisite and manages to display an element of superiority. Speed, panache, luxury and, of course, unparalleled levels of passion define the car collection of these Hollywood superheroes.

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Chris Evans: 1967 Chevrolet Camaro

A black 1967 Chevrolet Camaro in the street


The Chevrolet Camaro was GM’s answer to the Ford Mustang already established in the mid-1960s. This rivalry saw the Mustang prevail as the Camaro fell short of expectations. The old-fashioned Camaro has grown into a much-respected exotic in recent times, with the nostalgia factor that surrounds this machine at an all-time high.

The Camaro came with a rear-wheel-drive GM F-body platform and was available in several configurations ranging from a two-door configuration, to a hardtop and even a convertible configuration. The powertrain of this American pony car was varied depending on the variant chosen, with a 3.8-liter inline-six engine developing a respectable 140 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque as well. On the other hand, a powerful 5.7-liter small-block V8 produced an impressive 295 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque.

The 1967 Camaro may have lost the crown as the ultimate American pony car at the time, but the modern era has welcomed this machine with open arms. The now $ 275,000 Camaro owned by Chris Evans is just one of many examples of Chevy’s superior modern holdings in the auto industry, with various iterations of this beauty being as expensive and popular as ever with car enthusiasts. automotive and performance.

Robert Downey Jr: 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302

An image of a blue 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302


The Mustang Boss 302 was created by Ford as a high performance version of the already popular Ford Mustang. The sleek machine accentuated the aesthetic appeal of the regular Mustang, with its speedy two-door exterior design and racing characteristics setting it in a league of its own.

The Mustang Boss 302 was powered by a 4.9-liter V8 that housed various intelligent engineering elements specific to its racing environment. The connecting rods on this power mill were able to handle higher rpm readings compared to the regular Mustang 302, which proved to be a very useful feature in the demanding high rpm racing environment.

The large, powerful V8 was capable of peaking at 290 hp and 290 lb-ft of torque, its superior handling characteristics only accentuating its performance dynamics. The iconic nickname of “302 Boss” was brought back in 2007, with its legacy given new life by Ford Racing.

Robert’s custom example of the Mustang Boss 302 is undoubtedly a sight to see, with various styling features such as a carbon fiber hood, fenders and even quarter extensions accentuating its imposing presence. The performance dynamics of this machine are also getting a significant update, with the custom Ford housing a 5.0-liter V8 fitted with a Ford Performance / Roush Stage 2 supercharger.

The one-of-a-kind monster also sports a custom brown leather interior paired with a custom steering wheel, old-fashioned dashboard and even a vintage air conditioning system, making this example of the Mustang Boss 302 a perfect blend of the nostalgia for old school and cutting edge modern technological ingenuity.

Chris Evans: Audi R8

The side view of a gray Audi R8


The Audi R8 made the masses swoon with its sporty looks and jaw-dropping performance in 2006, and over time this stunning mid-engined supercar has only gotten better. With constant improvements to its menacing exterior design and nimble powertrain, the R8 has managed to remain a top contender in the competitive supercar segment.

The R8 is powered by a 5.2-liter V10 capable of developing an impressive 602 horsepower and 420 lb-ft of torque. This beauty’s growl is handled by a quick-change 7-speed dual-clutch transmission that helps the R8 devour the 60mph mark in just 3.2 seconds, up to an equally impressive top speed of 205mph. .

The R8’s simple interior layout houses user-friendly control switches, and Audi’s impressive Virtual Cockpit gauge cluster only adds to the rich, premium feel of the cabin. With features like automatic high beams as well as standard front and rear parking sensors, this $ 154,900 beauty is a sweet reminder of Chris Evans’ exquisite taste in automobiles.

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Robert Downey Jr: Acura NSX Concept

A black Acura NSX concept on the street


The NSX moniker is well respected by car enthusiasts around the world. The Honda NSX was renamed the Acura NSX for the US market, with production from 1990 to 2005. Its mid-engined coupe configuration made it one of the most sought-after V6 sports cars in the Honda team, and its renaissance in 2016 created a buzz in the auto industry.

The concept owned by Robert Downey Jr. houses a 3.5-liter mid-mounted V6 engine mated to an electric motor, making this beauty a hybrid. The all-wheel-drive setup and dual-clutch transmission help accentuate the performance dynamics of the NSX Concept, but it’s the Hollywood connection behind this machine that makes it all the more special.

The NSX was featured in the 2012 Marvel movie The Avengers, with the convertible version of the concept piloted by Robert Downey Jr. The hype behind the arrival of the production version of this machine grew even further, and the NSX concept has succeeded in creating a level of optimism for auto enthusiasts around the world. With Robert’s example of this machine bearing the “STARK 33” license plate, this exotic in his collection is an almost priceless piece of technological genius.

The style, passion and unparalleled levels of character that surround the automotive collection of these Hollywood megastars is truly splendid. Their exquisite taste for automobiles is as exciting as their on-screen characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s a tough decision to pick a winner in this battle for automotive supremacy, with each superhero’s collection displaying their exquisite share of exorbitant personality and sheer opulence.

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