The Honda Civic Si 2022 is only available as a sedan


For the 2022 model year, Honda has a next-generation Civic to offer customers in North America. The Civic Coupé no longer exists and the model line-up will not include a two-door variant for the first time in many years. That’s not to say that there won’t be a model of the Civic Si savvy, although it is limited only to the body style of the sedan. reports that the Civic Sedan will be the only variant of the Civic 2022 to be offered as an Si trim, and the Japanese company was quick to confirm the information on release. In fact, an article on the CivicXI Forum first unearthed the rumor, before Honda confirmed it via Twitter. Later, a Honda representative from the United States also confirmed the news.

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This move basically means that you will be able to get both the Civic Hatchback and the Civic Sedan with a manual transmission. The former will be available in a non-Si form with a turbo engine mated to a three-pedal gearbox, while Honda has already made it clear that the Honda Si will be offered with a manual gearbox.

Once again, the Civic Si will close the gap between regular Civic models and the top-of-the-line Type R. We know the CTR will arrive at some point next year, and that probably means it won’t be too long before you get to see the Si, too. The new Civic Si, according to leaked documents obtained through the same forum, is expected to be at the brand’s dealers in October this year, just a month after the 2022 Civic Hatchback.

One thing we’re sure of is that the new Civic Si and Civic Type R will be offered exclusively with a manual gearbox, at least initially. This is a bit surprising given the current market trends, but most likely the cost of developing a new drivetrain in a high performance application for low volume models does not make business sense for the automaker.


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