The aftermath of the Ozark car crash was predicted in the very first episode


Marty Byrde had good reason to buy his Honda minivan. In the end, his reasoning saved his family’s life in Season 4 Part 2.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for ozark season 4 part 2.

ozarkThe long-awaited finale answered whether the Byrdes would survive the car crash, but its consequences were predicted as early as the pilot episode. The Netflix detective series follows Marty (Jason Bateman) and Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney) as they rise through the ranks of the criminal underworld. In ozark season 4, the Byrde children have also become fully involved in the family’s criminal affairs, but a nasty car accident threatens the family unit in the season finale. Everyone survives – but that shouldn’t be a surprise.

ozark Season 1 introduces Marty Byrde as a calculated financial advisor with exceptional expertise, which gets him entangled with Camino Del Rio or Del (Esai Morales). He uses his wits and persuasive skills to escape Del’s death threat after Bruce (Josh Randall) betrays the cartel and convinces Del to start a money laundering business in the Ozarks. Marty’s intelligence and persuasive speeches simultaneously keep his family safe and lead the cartel to give him ever more dangerous tasks. Such a moment in Ozark’s first episode illustrates this.

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In ozark season 1 episode 1, Marty liquidates his assets to cover the $8 million stolen from Bruce. He’s short $6,950, so he offers to sell Del his Honda Odyssey. He praises him as the “the highest rated minivan in the United States” and Del agrees to buy it from him for $27,000 and rent it for $1,000/month. In Season 2, Marty rents the van again for its high safety standards. Then, in the ozark season 4 finale, the Byrdes have a car accident, with their Honda tumbling several times before landing upside down. The shocked Byrdes escape unscathed, generating some disappointment among viewers who were expecting a bit of karma for the crime family (the ozark the final was exceptionally divisive). But the pilot episode proves Marty’s meticulousness in choosing the family car – none of his decisions are random and the purchase of the “the highest rated minivan in the United States” ultimately keeps his family safe, which is his top priority throughout the show.


All along Ozark’s four fast-paced seasons, the Byrdes grow from a boring (and seriously dissatisfied) suburban family to a team of ruthless, politically influential villains. However, the transformations of the four characters are not the same. As Wendy grows increasingly impulsive and criminally ambitious, Marty remains determined to escape the cartel’s grip and start afresh. He also remains remarkably calm and calculated, trying to find the most rational solution to every problematic situation. Marty and Wendy’s relationship is often strained by their differing views on business and parenting, but in some cases Marty’s ability to think ahead is literally a lifeline and even Wendy recognizes it. Marty buying the Honda Odyssey is such a case.

the ozark the writers have always been good at remembering details from previous seasons and making them useful later in the series. All of the central characters have large, complex story arcs, and even a line they once uttered in the pilot episode can add a layer to their story. Marty’s choice of van is another example of his hard work to protect his family, the Navarro Cartel, and a car accident.

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