Syracuse Auto Expo returns as car shortages continue to plague dealers and buyers


SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – Day two of the Syracuse Auto Expo wrapped up Friday night as attendees roamed the ballroom at The OnCenter for a closer look at some of the best new makes and models.

A regular attendee, Nick Agrippino normally finds his next car to buy at the Auto Expo, but this year is different. He said he wouldn’t buy a new car until next year due to ongoing shortages.

“Well, first of all there isn’t much choice on the grounds as you walk past it’s pretty much empty.”

Nick Agrippino

The reason for these empty lots? Honda Civic sales consultant Mark Walker said it was a combination of issues.

“Well, you have three factors, you have a shortage of microchips, you have ships with parts waiting to go through ports, and you also have a transportation problem with trucking,” Walker said.

Walker’s best advice for people looking for a new car is to start your search early.

“Definitely start early if you’re in a rental vehicle, I would recommend starting at least six months before the end of your lease to start looking for cars,” Walker said.

This is the advice Agrippino takes, hoping to find what he wants and then wait.

“See how it develops and see how the offers are and see if there are any discounts or if the prices will at least stabilize, nothing ever goes down, how much more they will go up, Agrippino said.

He will therefore eventually be able to leave in the car of his dreams without breaking the bank.

All proceeds from the event will benefit 14 local charities with the goal of raising $300,000.

The Auto Expo continues Saturday and Sunday. For more information on timetables and tickets, click on here.


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