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FAMEEX continues to develop quality strategies by releasing new functions on grid trading as the main focus.

New York, NY, March 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Back in 2019, FAMEEX after years of building the research and development team as well as operational talent, lead developer Dr. Hu finally announced the test online from the FAMEEX Platform. Going through the ups and downs of the past two years as well as the ups and downs of the battle against the COVID pandemic, FAMEEX has reached several milestones.

By the end of 2021, FAMEEX already has more than 200,000 users worldwide. While the R&D team aims to improve the infrastructure, the operations team follows various marketing campaigns that ultimately play an important role in increasing brand awareness.

Apart from the regular trial fund campaigns, the operations, together with the marketing team, have come up with several events which are not only fun but also educational meanwhile, for the benefit of its target users, the crypto rookies. FAMEEX community staff members also collect feedback to improve products and user experience.

Although many insiders in the crypto community will know how FAMEEX started out as a regional crypto exchange, focusing on Southeast Asian users, and then branched out to a wider range of demographics when its team operating moved from Singapore to Australia. Here is an overview of the journey of FAMEEX.

What is FAMEEX’s greatest achievement to date?

FAMEEX has built a standard operation procedure in terms of part quotation while including more diversified projects. Users have never heard of any exploit incident occurring on the platform by suspicious projects. FAMEEX reaffirmed that it has been and always will be the guardian of investors.

The fledgling exchange has also been looking for talent to create more products in addition to the two signatures, Grid Trading Strategy and USDT Margined Perpetual Futures. In such a short time, FAMEEX has earned the trust of users because it puts security first, as always.

Although FAMEEX serves around 200,000 users worldwide, it wants to keep pace with other major exchanges. With a revamped version of the official website and app, FAMEEX 3.0 aims to deliver better interface designs and better user experience. The Super Commission 2.0 Rebate Program was launched to encourage users to make referrals.

In addition, FAMEEX offers a strategic financial database and strategy platform where users can easily find an investment strategy best suited to their own situation. It uses quality strategies from traditional finance in the field of cryptocurrency and these strategies are free and available for users.

Another amazing feature is to note that FAMEEX has added several security features including advised login password, upgraded withdrawal security, device management and security log sections to protect users. users against any potential cyber-attack.

Apart from a few short-lived projects such as the launch of $APE Coin, the crypto market seemed to be in the “Crypto Winter” phase. What can investors do during the period?

FAMEEX continued to underscore the mindset of crypto investing that investors need not wait for the bull market to arrive, as investors can make stable profits whether in bull markets. bullish or bearish.

Users can always hedge your short asset during a downtrend or start grid trading when they see the target market swinging within a certain price range.

The future plan of FAMEEX

FAMEEX continues to develop quality strategies by releasing new functions on grid trading as the main focus. With FAMEEX’s sophisticated algorithm, it offers one of the most competitive strategies for users to set up grid numbers and multiple parameters based on AI recommendations to earn profit easily.

While putting so much effort into solving common weaknesses of CEX, FAMEEX shares the vision of Decentralized Exchange or DEX since FAMEEX believes DEX should be the future as DeFi becomes more popular. Therefore, the FAMEEX platform token is also another ongoing project worth waiting for.


The rising exchange FAMEEX began its trial operation in September 2019 and officially launched its services on January 1, 2020. FAMEEX is committed to providing a safe, stable and fast trading experience for users. Since FAMEEX’s priority is safety and security, it only offers mainstream cryptocurrencies with no mining issues. Services such as grid trading, perpetual futures, spot trading and super commission rebate program are provided.

With a four-layer encryption protection mechanism, users trading on FAMEEX hardly need to consider the security issue while enjoying relatively low trading fees. The base spot trading fee is 1‰ while the forward trading fee is 0.2‰. Through constant optimizations, FAMEEX hopes to provide a smoother trading journey for users who can trade directly.

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