Reno’s Chase in Lyon County Ends in Arrest, Driver Wrongs and Almost Hits Road Crew | News from Carson City, Nevada


A 35-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday morning following a car chase that started in Reno and ended in Fernley, in which the suspect took a wrong turn on several roads and nearly collided with a Nevada Department of Transportation Road Team.

Jose Delacruz, a Nevada resident, was convicted of reckless driving, possession of a stolen vehicle, escape, three counts of assault with a lethal weapon, violation of parole outside California, possession of stolen goods, serious misdemeanor, reckless endangerment, misdemeanor driving under the influence and possession of drug paraphernalia.

Delacruz was sentenced to Lyon County Jail. Two other occupants of the vehicle with him were released from the scene, according to Nevada Highway Patrol spokesman Private Charles Caster. No law enforcement officer was injured. The suspect and two other people in the vehicle were also not injured.

The following account is taken from a PSN press release:

NHP says that at approximately 7:06 a.m., soldiers assisted the Reno Police Department in pursuing a suspect while driving a green 2005 Honda sedan. The suspect was allegedly involved in an assault with a deadly weapon. Soldiers joined the pursuit in the eastbound IR-80 area near E. McCarran Boulevard.

The driver is said to have driven at speeds of up to 110 miles per hour. Near Mile Marker 44 in Washoe County (just east of Wadsworth Exit 43), Lyon County MPs had put stop sticks in place to attempt to stop the vehicle. The vehicle dodged the stop sticks, traversed the unpaved center median and veered off course (eastbound in westbound lanes) toward Fernley.

The vehicle then exited at the westbound on-ramp (exit 46) still in the wrong direction and stopped. The driver exited the vehicle, approached another vehicle in an apparent attempt to hijack the vehicle. An NHP soldier crossed the unpaved median towards the driver of the Honda. At that point he returned the Honda and headed south on the SR-427 to Fernley at high speed.

The driver avoided an attempt by an NHP soldier to perform a precision immobilization technique (PIT). The vehicle veered off the SR-427 (southbound in the northbound lane) and steered to strike three NDOT workers in the shoulder.

NDOT workers ran to cover their dump truck and avoided being hit. The vehicle then proceeded east on SR-828 at high speed and passed other vehicles dangerously. The vehicle then approached the US-50A and headed west. The vehicle crossed the raised concrete median and took the wrong track again (westbound in the eastbound lanes). In the interest of public safety, an NHP soldier performed a successful PIT maneuver in the rear of the vehicle on the driver’s side.

A second NHP soldier stuck in the vehicle from the front. A Lyon County Sheriff’s deputy stranded in the vehicle from behind. There were three occupants in the vehicle. The occupants were removed from the vehicle and detained without injury.

The occupants were examined by medical and medically authorized personnel. No member of the security forces was injured in the incident. After further investigation, the vehicle was determined to be stolen.

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