Owners in 2022 rate these pickups as ‘most satisfying’


The last thing you want is to take that first drive after getting your new van home, only to start regretting your choice. You really want to feel like you’ll never sell this van, but you’re not. You made a mistake. But there’s help to help you feel confident about buying your truck, based on a survey of new owners for the most satisfying trucks. He asks: “If you had to do it over again, would you definitely buy or rent the same model?”

That’s a question Consumer Reports asked in a recent survey. Owners of many different models have indicated if they would do it again, which we’ll share now. They’re based on the most and least satisfactory for midsize and full-size trucks. It rates owner opinions on style, driving experience, comfort, value and ease of use of electronics.

Most Satisfying Midsize: 2022 Honda Ridgeline

Honda Ridgeline | Getty

Yes, this unibody midsize truck was the most satisfying overall. What’s odd is that the Ridgeline scored poorly on electronics value and usability. But then, reviewing all the data, all trucks scored low in both categories. So this part of the survey is basically a wash.

But in the ride and handling categories, it scored quite high. That’s what bumped it into the most satisfying midsize category for 2022. Nine trucks were rated in the midsize category. At the other, at least satisfactory, end are the Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon pickup trucks. The 2022 Jeep Gladiator ranked second in this group. It scored high in the style category.

Honda Ridgeline prices range from a base $37,640 to $45,070. Actual mileage as tested is 20 mpg total, 13 mpg city and 29 mpg highway driving.

2022 Ford F-350 (sort of)

A rugged red Ford F-350 pickup truck.

Ford F-350 Heavy Duty Pickup Truck | Ford

For full-size pickups, the winner is a little harder to discern. Consumer Reports says the Ford F-350 rugged pickup scored fairly high in overall owner satisfaction. But all trucks in this category received an average satisfaction rating. Top scores for comfort, styling and driving experience were shared by many trucks. So the top rated is not so clear.

In these three categories, all trucks performed well. A clear winner for electronics usability was the 3500 Chevy Silverado/GMC Sierra. They scored well above the others. The other full-size trucks didn’t do better than average or worse. No owner gave any of the full-size trucks a high rating for value. Only the Ram 1500 Classic does slightly better in this category.

Base price for the F-350 is $38,390 to $90,815. Actual mileage as tested by CR is 15 mpg for highway driving and 11 mpg combined.

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