Oceans Finance Introduces Auto Staking and Auto Compound Protocol


Oceans Finance is emerging as a decentralized finance platform. The company recently started using its new Rebase protocol.

Seattle, Washington–(Newsfile Corp. – July 19, 2022) – Oceans Finance has introduced the Multi-chain auto-staking and auto-dial protocol. Oceans Finance offers automated staking and compounding across multiple blockchains. It has a Fixed Crypto APY of up to 383,128.80%.

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Staking: Oceans Finance DEFI 3.0 rebase protocol

Oceans Finance continues to use the DEFI 3.0 Multi Chain Auto-Staking and Auto-Compounding protocol to provide users with long-term fixed compound interest.

Secure staking with Oceans Finance

Oceans Finance Compounding is safe and secure by ensuring protocol stability, which ensures that the APY remains constant throughout the lifetime of $OCEANS. Oceans Finance Compounding provides interest returns to token holders who purchase and hold the tokens. Their automated compounding system multiplies returns directly into holders’ wallets once they are held. Holders can avoid paying additional tax on staking transactions by using this unsupported method. The Oceans DApp allows cardholders to switch between different networks based on their preferences. Additionally, the 7/8% returns from BUSD will go straight into holders’ wallets. To read all the details and buy $OCEAN tokens, visit Oceans Finance price today, and OCEANS in USD live.

$OCEANS Insurance Fund

The $OCEANS Insurance Fund, OFD, is a wallet within the $OCEANS XAP system.

It is funded by a portion of the buy and sell trading fees accumulated in the OFD wallet and uses an algorithm that supports rebase returns. The OFD setting supports Staking rebase returns distributed every 15 minutes at a rate of 0.018%, guaranteeing $OCEANS token holders a high and stable interest rate. Holders have no way of knowing how many tokens they will receive. The more tokens a holder buys and stakes, the more money he earns. This is a method of generating passive income through Buy-Hold-Earn tokens.

Autoburn Protocol – Increase the Value of $OCEANS Tokens

Oceans Finance has an auto-burn system that sends 2% of all trades to the Bluehole to reduce supply, resulting in an inelastic supply of tokens that guarantees a much higher increase in token value than maintaining elastic supply. The more trades, the more money is added to the Bluehole, making it grow. As the Bluehole grows thanks to the automated filling system, the $OCEANS protocol becomes more stable.

About Ocean Finance:

The Oceans Finance Protocol is based on a simple daily interest compounding formula. “Our mission and vision is to revolutionize the reward generation mechanism with our first-ever single protocol that has advanced profitability, said the developers of the project.

For more details and information on the project, visit Ocean Financing White Paper.

Contact Details
Website URL: https://oceans.finance/
Contact person: Daniel Jones
E-mail: [email protected]
Organization: Oceans Finance
City: Seattle
State: Washington
Country: United States

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