New AppleCare competitor offers cheaper insurance for smartphones


Given the high costs, it’s easy to see why some customers forgo AppleCare+, Preferred Care, or similar protection plans. Dropping your phone down a stairwell or spilling liquid on it isn’t the end of the world anymore – newer devices are no longer resilient. But crashes still happen, and an out-of-warranty fix can cost you several hundred dollars. Alternatively, Zagg, a smartphone case companyunveiled a plan this week that covers repairs on most mobile devices for $99 per year.

Zagg Protect includes a $49 deductible, which you will have to pay each time you take it for repairs. It covers both accidents and internal breakdowns, including cracked screens, liquid damage, battery failure, power outages, and more.

But the third-party plan is still much cheaper than other device protection plans, such as AppleCare+ and Samsung Care Plus. Samsung offers one year of Samsung Care Plus for free after purchasing your device; after that, the cost ranges from $4 to $13 per month. Even with this plan, a A cracked screen for any Samsung mobile phone costs you $249. The free year of AppleCare that comes with any new iPhone is extremely limited and essentially only covers malfunctions attributable to the manufacturer. two years of AppleCare+, which offers screen repairs on most iPhones for $29 and other crashes for $99, can still set you back between $149 and $199 for the latest models.

While Zagg’s plan is significantly more extensive than most, it’s not unlimited. Coverage only covers two repairs per 12 month period. You can also use the plan only on a list of authorized repairers. Finally, the plan only covers repairs up to $500 and requires you to use a phone case.

Is a phone repair protection plan worth it? Thanks to right to repair movement, consumers can opt for cheaper options like third-party repair shops and self-repair kits. Although it’s harder these days to completely wipe your phone (see this video of a still functional iPhone X found at the bottom of a river), any possible accident can seriously interfere with your daily life.

That $1000+ device that most of us carry with us at all times has become our credit card, transport of access and vaccination passport, without forgetting our only means of contacting other humans. All in all, whether or not you spend the extra bucks on AppleCare+ or another protection plan like Zagg largely depends on your lifestyle, as well as how often you plan to upgrade.


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