Minneapolis Boat Show boat dealers say supply issues and demand will continue into 2022


The Minneapolis Boat Show runs from January 20-23. Dealers encourage buyers to buy now to avoid shipping delays.

MINNEAPOLIS — The Minneapolis Boat Show kicked off Thursday at the Minneapolis Convention Center, and while there are hundreds of boats to view, buying one this summer won’t be easy.

“Demand is up, things are very, very hard to come by,” says boat dealer Nick LaCanne.

For the past two years, boats have been hard to come by.

“Because of all the first-time buyers we’ve seen in the last two years,” LaCanne says.

LaCanne owns LaCanne’s Marine in Faribault Minnesota.

He says dealers like him always get a set number of boats to start the season, but if they want to order more after that, you never know when those extra boats will arrive.

“There’s no guarantee when you’re going to see things. We had boats originally guaranteed in March that we still haven’t seen,” he said.

It’s March of last year and the boats still haven’t shown up.

Honda’s Steve Drenkard says it’s good because sales are up, but it hasn’t been easy to get people what they want.

“If they want it this summer, they should go to boat shows now, he says.

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Many of the more than 600 boats at the show had already been sold before the show even started.

LaCanne says he has a few boats left, but he says they won’t last long.

“There won’t be much available by the end of February, says LaCanne.

So if you see something you like and it’s in stock, buy it. Because you never know when you might see another one.

“We anticipate a further increase in boat sales,” said boat show manager Darren Envall.

However, not all dealers are in the same situation.

Envall says some dealers have better access to inventory, so it pays to shop around.

And if you’re still a year or two away from buying your first boat, the boat show is a great place to start.

“A good place to check out different brands, different models, to see what fits,” says Envall.

Boat dealers say these supply chain issues aren’t going away anytime soon, 2023 at the earliest.

They say the wait time for some makes and models is six to eight months, but if you’re flexible, you can always go to a dealership and buy a boat there if you shop around.

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