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Dallas, TX, Aug.31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (via Blockchain Wire) Lame Yield is a DeFi chain interoperability protocol. It is a decentralized cross-chain protocol built on top of the Binance smart chain.

Decentralized finance is a broad field of technical financial services. It offers a lot of room for innovation and experimentation. This leads tech enthusiasts to incorporate different features together to make their projects stand out. Hence, opening many doors to reveal greater innovations. One of those platforms in the DeFi space is Lame Yield. Our team of developers are excited to provide you with a yield farm. It’s not just your regular yield farm! Lame Yield is a yield farm for all blockchains. We are fighting against interoperability issues between chains.

Lame Yield aims to facilitate its users by providing a platform where they can enjoy transparent and smooth trading across multiple blockchains. Ensuring interoperability between multiple blockchains is the ultimate motto of Lame Yield.

When it is launched, Lame Yield will provide features such as RFI compatibility, staking as a service, decentralized governance. Additionally, Lame Yield allows its users]]to create their staking pools with native tokens which will be supported by LMY. Therefore, at launch, LMY will offer an APY of up to 102,200% and a DPY of 280%.

Immediately after launching this platform, our top priority is to launch the following features:

  • Inter-chain liquidity aggregation protocol
  • Seamless withdrawal using prepaid card and PayPal integration. (This will be done using third party services without violating basic blockchain principles).
  • Multi-chain staking as a service
  • Heritage agriculture on multi-channel

Also, this is to inform the press that the name of Lame Yield is capitalized L and Y. Not like lameyield, Lameyield or LameYield.

To learn more about this platform, visit our website for the technical details of this project.

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