Honda refuses to sell spare parts for bicycles and scooters outside the ASC


Honda is already playing a losing game and to a point where they sell nothing but Activas.

BHPian Bismaya recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

I’ve been following this particular YouTube channel for a while now and find many of its videos quite authentic and helpful as an enthusiast.

As a Honda X-Blade owner, I’m well aware of the lack of parts availability for some of the lower-selling Honda motorcycles (anything that isn’t an Activa, Shine, or Unicorn).

I had a similar experience with my friend’s 2021 Activa 125 BS6 when his little brother accidentally broke the left mirror in a parking lot. We scoured town with Honda retailers (some of the larger suppliers known to stock impossible-to-find spares), only to find that spares aren’t available for the scooter outside of ASC.

We had to place an order with SGBL Honda, Cuttack who sourced the mirror for our scooter.

As can be seen in the video, the person clearly explains that he is unable to find the oil filter for a Honda Livo 110cc, BS6 outside of an ASC and he is repeatedly informed that the spare part is “not in stock” which seems typical when they are unwilling to sell the part when you are not servicing the bike with them.

We have the freedom to buy the bike, change the oil, refuel or even upgrade the tires and accessories from the outside, so why such a hostile attempt to monopolize the parts market of spare for something like an “oil filter”.

Honda is already playing a losing game and to a point where they sell nothing but Activas. Yes indeed. The showrooms here don’t order any inventory for anything other than the scooter for fear of losing sales.

And now HMSI has to stoop to a new low where they won’t make parts available outside of ASC. Guess what? If anyone is not satisfied with the maintenance of the ASC, they reserve the right to have their bike serviced externally.

This situation reminds me of a time when I used to hear about Honda Cars India not selling their parts for Brio and Amaze outside of their service centers.

I would like to know if anyone has had such an experience.

Here is what BHPian120 Lens should say about it:

Here in Bangalore they sell spare parts, at least for stuff like activa, airman parts. They all insisted at first to have it repaired by an ASC but I did not move. Hell, I might even manage to get service manuals from them.

Here is what BHPian sagarpadaki should say about it:

Get the part number and order it from the many Honda spare parts dealers in Bangalore.

This store in Bangalore can get any part of any of the main scooters or bikes in a day or two if they don’t have any in stock. Bajaj, Honda, Suzuki, RE, TVs, Yamaha etc.

Here is what BHPian abhi9044 should say about it:

If I’m not mistaken, Honda has parts dealers, who sell all parts at retail, similar to MGP outlets.

For me, since owning a Hero Maestro, I have the option of using a Honda or Hero part, and most of the time I use Honda parts because the Hero parts dealer is not interested in sell small parts. . I buy them at the HASS or Honda spare parts store.

Here is the link to find the point of sale of the parts.


Here is what Captain BHPian Slow should say about it:

Faced with that same bs attitude from VFM Honda.

I was willing to give them the bike chassis number and the bike number to sell me the part but that wasn’t enough. They just refused to sell me a part and wanted me to bring the bike in for any part replacement and insisted they do it for me.

This is the answer VFM Honda Bangalore gave me when I wanted to buy parts for a CB350. This answer was given to me by one of their senior executives.

I don’t know what the problem is here. We do not sell replacement parts individually as they are genuine parts and must be fitted by a Honda Certified Technician. Making duplicates is not a problem because you can do it after installation as well.

Please feel free to email me about any other..

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