Honda Pilot Sport 2022 becomes new base version


The Honda Pilot Sport will replace the LX as the new base SUV trim, according to data derived from a recent ordering guide. However, even though the Pilot Sport is set to become the new base model, our analysis reveals that it will actually cost over $ 4,200 more than the now discontinued LX version.

The 2022 Pilot Sport has an MSRP of $ 38,055 including destination, or $ 40,055 with all-wheel drive. This makes Honda’s latest version of the 3-row mid-size SUV $ 4,280 more expensive than the cheaper 2021 Pilot LX ($ 33,775). There are other ways it may not look like a base model.

A closer look reveals that the Pilot Sport will be surprisingly well equipped. Despite being equipped with the same 280-horsepower V6 as the other styles, Honda includes (for some reason) 20-inch pewter-gray alloy wheels, leather seats, and an 8-inch screen audio system (vs. 5 inches in the LX).

At this point, it may seem more accurate to compare the Pilot Sport with the outgoing EX, which was also discontinued. The 2021 Pilot EX starts at $ 36,455 but comes with cloth seats and 18-inch wheels. Suddenly, we can not help but wonder what the Pilot Sport is for.

Honda says the new base model is “aimed at young buyers”. Whether or not the 20-inch rims are suitable for the job seems to be a matter of interpretation. However, this preliminary information may be useful for buyers who are wondering why the 2022 pilot debuted with a much higher price tag in July.

We will have to wait for the official details to find out more. That said, a base price of just over $ 38,000 might be a deterrent to some buyers. After all, the cheapest Toyota Highlander starts at $ 36,420, while the Kia Telluride is priced at $ 34,015 assuming you can escape the Telluride markups.

The change of Honda slightly makes it easier to understand the position of the rider in relation to the 2-row Passport. Since its redesign in 2019, the Passport Sport has been the base configuration for this model. Higher in the price range, the next Pilot TrailSport could offer a compelling alternative.

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