Honda India Power Products Limited Reaches 5 Million Units Production Milestone in February 2022


Proudly “Making in India” since 1988

New Delhi, India, March 1, 2022 – (JCN Newswire) – Honda India Power Products Limited (HIPP), one of India’s leading power products manufacturers, has successfully passed the milestone of 5 million units of production accumulated in February 2022. HIPP has consistently introduced latest technology products with global standards and bringing joy to its customers since 1985. The company is an ongoing trusted partner for its valued customers, in line with its vision of “Empower People, To Do Better”.

HIPP launched its first product, namely the model EM650 portable generator manufactured at its Rudrapur factory in 1988. With strong customer demand, the company soon launched other well-differentiated generator models to meet varying demands from customers. a large and well-diversified market. HIPP made a foray into export markets in 1989 and its products have been very well received in competitive overseas markets. After lighting up the lives of many customers in both domestic and overseas markets, HIPP made a foray into agriculture by launching the production of the engine line in 1991, followed by the water pump line in 1992. The farmers of across India have greatly appreciated the combination of portable, reliable and efficient motors and water pumps. their occasional needs for irrigation, spraying and mechanization. In 1995, HIPP established its second manufacturing plant in Pondicherry to meet the ever-increasing demand. HIPP undertook a major reconsolidation exercise in 2000 and merged its production facilities into its current “state-of-the-art” manufacturing facility in Greater Noida, achieving economies of scale while continuing its mission to ” helping people get things done” by manufacturing products that have successfully established themselves as the benchmark for performance and quality.

Takahiro Ueda, Chairman & Management Director, President & CEO, Honda India Power Products Limited said, “We have been able to reach 5 million production units thanks to the support and cooperation of all people in India and local society. . Our suppliers and partners have stood by us and believed in our shared vision – to deliver continuously even in acute times such as the pandemic and I am grateful for their efforts throughout. Service and spare parts support ensure a pleasant experience for our customers all along. HIPP will continue to contribute to India and its society as a business that should exist.”

About Honda India Power Products Limited

HIPP is one of the first Japanese companies to enter the Indian market in 1985 and thus contribute to the strengthening of economic relations between India and Japan. Since its inception, the company has been providing innovative, eco-friendly and top notch products to its customers across India in the field of power backup, agriculture and construction.

As a conscious business, the company has participated in community development programs and helped create employment opportunities at its plant in Greater Noida. HIPP has regularly supported disaster relief operations in various parts of India, including recently extending assistance in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

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