HONDA CX650 (2018 / C) for sale [ref: 61548961]


Used 1986 Honda CX 673CC 650 TURBO Motorcycles for sale in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, in white, this used Honda CX 673CC 650 TURBO is another fine example of what is available at used motorcycle dealers, The Bike Specialists, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. THE BIKE SPECIALISTS, TRADING STANDARD AWARD 2021. We are happy to announce that after recently selling our Honda CX650 Turbo, we now have a second copy for sale. This Honda CX650 Turbo has driven 9,273 miles and is also in excellent condition and does justice to its previous owners. Our example from 1986 saw the light of day in the hot and sunny climate of Italy and was imported and registered in the UK in 2018. The bike comes with original Italian papers, owner’s manual and logbook. interview. It will benefit from a fully independent service and technical control before the sale. In 1983, turbocharging was seen as the future of motorcycles. And while the Honda CX650 Turbo was arguably the best of the turbo motorcycles that hit the roads in the early 1980s, it’s now one of the rarest production Honda’s ever built, with just 1,777 built of which 1,200 were manufactured for the United States and Canada. Honda’s first turbo, the CX500TC, was announced in 1981 and appeared in 1982. It sported not only a turbo, but also a fuel injection system and on-board computers. Due to low fuel consumption and a turbo “lag” Honda returned to the drawing board and offered the 674cc CX650T for the 1983 model year which successfully solved the motorcycle’s issues and reputation. as a major sports tourism has developed rapidly. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to view or secure this bike with a small deposit. We are able to arrange financing and can arrange delivery to worldwide.

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