Honda Atlas hikes car prices, delivery time for high-end Civic stays at nearly 12 months


Like rival Indus Motor Company, Honda Atlas also announced a price hike for the second time in five weeks, raising them to as much as 170,000 rupees, while citing the depreciation of the rupee as a reason to pass on the impact to the market. market.

In a letter to its dealers, dated April 30, 2022 and available with company registrar, the company said that given the continued rise in FOREX, it is “forced to pass on some of this impact to the market.” The new retail pricing (RSP) will take effect from May 1, 2022. The company said that “full back order as of April 30, 2022” will be billed at the previous RSP.

Prices have been increased in the range of Rs135,000 to Rs170,000 with the BR-V CVT variant seeing the biggest increase. Its price has gone from Rs4,079,000 to Rs4,249,000.

City of Honda

The price of the base City variant – the MT 1.2L – has risen from Rs3,129,000 to Rs3,264,000, an increase of Rs135,000.

Similarly, the 1.2L CVT and 1.5L CVT variants have become costlier by Rs140,000 and Rs143,000, respectively. The two Aspire models saw an increase of Rs150,000.


In the case of Civic, which the company launched earlier this year in February, the delivery time communicated to consumers was February next year, Business Recorder reported earlier.

This period has yet to improve, with the two top-end variants currently scheduled for delivery in April 2023, dealers confirmed to company registrar on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Civic prices have seen an even rise of Rs 150,000 across all three variants – the Civic 1.5L CVT (tentative delivery time given is August 2022), the Civic 1.5L Oriel M CVT (provisional delivery time given is April 2023) and Civic RS 1.5L CVT (provisional delivery time given is April 2023).

Check out Civic’s pricing when it launches in February

More details are below:

Terms/Conditions and New Pricing for Honda Atlas Vehicles

The movement of the rupee

In March, when Honda announced a price review, the rupiah closed near the 182 level against the US dollar.

Details on the movement of the rupee can be viewed here

More than a month later, the rupiah weakened to near 186, having even crossed 188 before appreciating to 181.55. However, over the past two weeks, the rupee has depreciated by 2.2%.

Car prices have been rising in Pakistan for a number of years, following the fall of the rupee against the US dollar.


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