Help find Rashard Guinyard’s killers


In this week’s Trackdown, Fort Worth police are hoping someone can help them find the men in a red Honda with a missing rear bumper that opened fire on a group of high school kids leaving a party in April. .

A 17-year-old unrelated to the Troubles was killed in the shooting.

Police released video and stills of the shooting. The biggest clue is the red Honda missing the rear bumper the shooters were in.

The shooting happened just after midnight on April 24, in the 3800 block of Altamesa Boulevard.

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“Crowley threw a prom night, a kind of after-hours party for the kids or the kids going off to college and getting ready for summer,” the Fort Worth PD Detachment said. said Kent Bickley. “That parking lot was full of cars. Hundreds of children.”

Police say the red Honda pulled up during the party.

“A red Honda starts driving through the parking lot, almost looking for a victim or almost looking for someone,” the detective said. Bickley said. “He ends up backing up here, behind the Chicken Express. That’s where he’s waiting.

A group came out of the party and headed to their cars to go home. Rashard Guinyard was part of this group.

“Rashard went full circle. He was going to Abilene Christian on an athletic scholarship. This kid was going places. He had no enemies, everyone loved him, never had any problems . He did the right things, the detective said. Bickley said.

As Guinyard and his group were leaving, it was then that those of the red Honda decided to open fire.

“As they approach this first row of cars here, the Honda pulls out, facing east. Several suspects get out of this vehicle and they open fire into this parking lot full of children,” the official said. detective. “Unfortunately, Rashard, the star of the track, he thinks, I can get past this, can’t I? He runs off down the hall here, and to this corner here, where it says at lease, unfortunately, Rashard was hit and was murdered.”

Surveillance video helped police determine the red Honda was the vehicle involved in the shooting, but now they need help identifying those inside.

“It’s a very unique vehicle. It’s a red Honda. It’s missing the entire rear bumper,” the detective said. Bickley said. “It’s really up to the viewers to say, ‘I saw that car in this neighborhood. I saw this guy driving this car. This little bit of information is what could solve this case.”

Anyone with information about this case can call Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477 or Det. Bickley at 817-392-4344.

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