Ellsworth Police Diary week of March 10


ELLSWORTH — Citizens contacted the police to report suspicious people, vehicles and behavior in early March.
On March 2, officers verified a report of a vehicle parked behind a local business. The owner arrived at the same time as the police. Additionally, a vehicle parked on the side of the road facing oncoming traffic was towed, after officers were unable to contact its owner. And an older citizen reported that a stranger knocked on his door, said nothing, then walked away.

On March 4, officers investigated a report of suspicious activity at a city retirement complex. After checking the location, they found no one.

And on March 7, officers checking for reported suspicious activity near a local business found a man smoking a cigarette outside his hotel room.

No underage drinkers

A detail of underage drinking law enforcement found no violations, March 2.

Locked out

A possible trespassing complaint at a local apartment complex on March 2 turned out to be a locked-out resident.

Citizen help

An officer brought an intoxicated man home on March 2.

On March 2, officers provided a police presence for a landlord entering an apartment when the tenant’s lease had expired. There was no problem.

On March 1, an officer checked on a man who had fallen, then contacted someone who could help him.

Officers responded to an overdose report on March 3. The person was conscious when police arrived and was later taken to Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital.

Youth issue

On March 2, officers responded to a report from a concerned citizen of a youth sitting in a snow bank. The police called his guardians to pick him up.


An individual was warned by the police after a citizen complained of harassment on March 3. Police are investigating a separate complaint that was reported on March 2.

A citizen reported the harassment to the police on March 1, but did not want action taken.

Domestic violence

Officers are investigating an incident of domestic violence after responding to a local home on March 4.

The agency assists

Officers assisted disorderly patients at the hospital on March 1, 3 and 6.

A report of a possible domestic incident on March 2 was determined to have taken place outside the city limits. The police notified the competent body.

Police checked the children at the request of the New Hampshire Department of Social Services on March 2. The children were “ready”, reported the responding officer.

Police assisted the fire department with a medical call to a local restaurant on March 1. A man with breathing problems was taken to Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital.

Police provided backup to the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office during a traffic stop for a criminal complaint March 8.


Police are investigating a theft of services at a local hotel on March 3.

A complaint of theft from a local establishment on March 1 is being investigated.

Arrests and Summonses

Bessie Beal, 35, of Hancock, was arrested on a warrant for theft by deception, falsification and misuse of identity and was also charged with affixing false plates following a road check on March 6.

Aaron Higgins, 37, of Bar Harbor, was summoned for theft by unauthorized taking, for items worth $46, on March 7.

Michael Ireland, 57, of Fletchers Landing was summoned for criminal trespassing on March 6 after being warned not to return to a local business.

Alex Lane, 27, of Stockton Springs, was summoned for endangering the welfare of a child on March 5 after officers responded to a request for a welfare check in a business parking lot local.

Lucas Michaud, 30, of Ellsworth has been summoned for theft, criminal mischief and criminal trespassing following a complaint of theft from a local business on March 2.

Trisha Murphy, 34, of Hancock, was charged with not giving the correct name and date of birth to police, driving a vehicle with a revoked licence, affixing false plates and driving an unlicensed motor vehicle on February 27.

Marissa Oullette, 36, no city listed, was charged with theft on March 5 for allegedly taking $27.12 worth of consumable items from Walmart.

Matthew Pike, 31, of Hancock was arrested on March 6 on a warrant for theft by deception, tampering and misuse of identification.

Randy Spencer, 28, of Otis, was charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended license, leaving the scene of an accident and failing to report an accident by the fastest means on the 7th March.

Dewayne Tincher, 34, of Ellsworth was arrested on March 7 on a warrant for failing to appear in court.

Nicolette Walls, 46, a passenger, was summoned for theft following an investigation into the reported theft of $20 worth of food from a local store on February 22.


A North Street driver lost control of his 2009 Dodge pickup truck on March 1 at the intersection with Patriot Road and veered off-road, hitting a tree. Jacob A. Hamilton, 20, of Ellsworth, told police he hit a section of the road still covered in snow. He was unhurt while his van was damaged but was able to be driven from the scene.

Hannah Wagstaff, 17, was driving too fast for the conditions, police said, when she skidded on a snowy road at the corner of North Street and Patriot Road and hit an embankment on March 3. Wagstaff was driving a 2005 Honda sport utility vehicle. The Honda suffered minor damage.

Slushy Winkumpaugh Road conditions caused a 2020 GMC pickup truck to slide down an embankment and overturn on rocks on March 3. Police say Thomas G. Dunn, 60, of Hulls Cove was negotiating a curve near Old County Road when the accident happened. He told police he spun the wheel while slipping, but nothing happened. Dunn was taken to a local hospital by a Northern Light ambulance for a possible arm injury. His truck was towed off the scene.

Journalist Anne Berleant covers news and features in Ellsworth, Mariaville, Otis, Amherst, Aurora, Great Pond and Osborn. When she’s not reporting, find her hiking the local trails, reading or watching professional tennis. Email him at [email protected]
Anne Berleant

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