BP offers an EV subscription service using the Tomorrow’s Journey technology platform


BP is working with mobility software provider Tomorrow’s Journey on a trial of an all-in-one electric vehicle (EV) subscription service for motorists in London, as the energy giant seeks to develop its mobility ambitions in this market.

According to a Statista study, the global carpooling market is estimated at $ 117 billion in 2021.

Deepshikha Vasishta, Global Fleet Director at BP, said: “We estimate that electric vehicles will account for 50% of all passenger cars by 2040 and that one-third of all kilometers driven by vehicles will be electrified from by 2040. Taxi fleets will be essential in this future, but our research has shown that the initial cost and complexity of leasing, insuring, recharging and keeping an unknown vehicle on the road prevents drivers to make the change.

The company hopes the new service, called BP EV Pro, will help drivers make the transition by offering an all-in-one subscription product that includes an all-new PHV-licensed electric vehicle, unlimited charging, insurance, and an all-in-one subscription product. roadside assistance. For a weekly flat rate, drivers can benefit from unlimited recharging up to their contractual mileage; their choice of a weekly mileage limit of 600 or 800 miles; four – 12 week contracts and one two week cancellation.

The mobility start-up Tomorrow’s Journey has deployed its state-of-the-art JRNY platform to simplify and accelerate the subscriber onboarding process. For example, a significant driver benefit of the new service was that the car was delivered within 48 hours of placing the order. The JRNY platform leverages the latest technology to integrate with third-party services and automate processes, meaning customer onboarding and validation checks, which had been done manually and could take days with other providers, are now completed in less than 10 minutes.

Tomorrow’s Journey CEO Chris Kirby said: “The key to delivering the ambitious service levels the BP team needed was to simplify the process and minimize the number of driver interactions. To achieve this, a highly automated back-office system is just as important as a smooth front-end user journey.

Vasishta noted, “The Tomorrow’s Journey team brings technical and industry expertise to the project team beyond its role as a software vendor, which has been extremely beneficial.

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