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Bermuda: Bermuda’s tech sector offers economic and employment opportunities

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The employment opportunities that may emerge as a result of the growth of Bermuda’s tech sector should not be underestimated, according to Steven Rees Davies, partner at Carey Olsen Bermuda Limited and key adviser to clients in technology.

Steven, who is chairing a virtual breakout session, “Living, Employee and Deployed in Tech Central,” during this week Bermuda Tech Summit (October 13-15), said there was a misconception that job creation would be limited and only available in highly specialized technical roles.

“I think there is a perception that jobs in this rapidly growing sector only exist in a finite number of fields, while the truth is that job opportunities in this industry are, and will be, extremely. similar to those that exist in any other, “says Steven.

“Whether it’s legal, compliance and accounting roles or administrative support, coding and engineering roles, the same network of jobs will be created that you already see in finance and other established industries. in Bermuda. Ancillary sectors of flourishing technology The industry would also see a noticeable increase in demand and opportunities on the island, as it would naturally need to grow to support it, which would be great news for the economy in general. . “

Panelists for the session, which will take place Thursday, October 14, 12:30 p.m. to 1:00 p.m., include Jeff Baron, Bittrex Chief Compliance Officer; Stéphanie Shih, General Counsel at XBTO Offshore Group; and Tasha Jones, Compliance Officer at Stable.

Steven, who has worked with the Government of Bermuda and other stakeholders in the introduction and development of Bermuda’s digital asset legal and regulatory regime, represents a significant number of technology companies headquartered or operating in Bermuda. . He said he encouraged those interested in learning more about what a thriving tech sector means and looks like for Bermuda to attend the session.

“This is a really exciting time for anyone looking to be a part of the global tech space and especially for companies that Bermuda has already legislated for. Bermuda has already become a destination of choice for businesses seeking legal and regulatory credibility and certainty. now is the perfect time for residents of Bermuda to consider the growing number of options that are becoming available in this area. “

Hosted by the Bermuda Business Development Agency, this year’s Bermuda Tech Summit will be held virtually from October 13-15. Those interested in attending the “Live, Employee and Deployed in Tech Central” breakout session are invited to register for the event by visiting the site. summit website.

Carey Olsen is proud to be a silver sponsor of the event, which also sees Steven appear as a panelist for a discussion on Bermuda’s future digital infrastructure, while lawyer Sheba Raza will host a panel discussion on trends in technology investment and the private sector.

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