Are Hondas a good rental car?


High residual values ​​can make Honda a good rental car. However, while the brand boasts a reputation for reliability, not all Honda’s may be a good deal if you’re looking to lease rather than buy. Here is an overview of some factors you should consider in order to get the best deal on a Honda.

For starters, Hondas like the redesigned 2022 Civic can be particularly interesting cars to hire. In the case of the Civic Sport Hatchback 5-Door, dealer incentive reports show the underlying residual value can be as high as 69%. For reference, the residual value of a Nissan Sentra can be as low as 58%.

Interestingly, not all Honda’s have a high residual value. For example, this month’s Clarity Plug-In Hybrid lease is based on a residual as low as 46%. That said, the PHEV enjoys an ultra-low silver factor as well as $ 8,000 in manufacturer rental cash in CARB emission states.

If you’re looking for the cheapest cars you can rent, Kia and Hyundai tend to have aggressive rental deals, with cars like the Forte and Elantra offering incredible value for money. While you usually need prime credit to get the best rates, there are clearly some offers to be made.

Not sure if renting is right for you? Be sure to speak to a local dealer about your options. In some cases, it may be a good idea to buy rather than rent. For example, a year-end offer on the 2021 Honda Passport now offers a cash incentive of $ 1,250 or a 0% finance option, a rare offer for this manufacturer.

As always, remember that factory leases are just examples and dealerships set actual prices based on supply and demand. Therefore, the price you pay may be higher depending on the selling price of a car near you, especially taking into account the additional cost of applicable taxes and fees.

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