Adam Carolla calls car dealer stereotypes outdated in latest podcast



Adam Carolla has some thoughts on car dealerships.

Mainly that the stereotypes about them portrayed in a recent line of Vroom commercials are a bit outdated and inaccurate, the comedian said in Part I of Wednesday’s Adam Carolla Show.

The spots, which started during the NFL playoffs earlier this year, take a satirical, cartoonish look at what some may consider the traditional car-buying experience at dealerships.

“They all look like ‘Waterworld’ extras and they stand in these haunted concessions like making fun of everyone,” Carolla said on the podcast, apparently referring to this. “Dealership deception“Commercial”. “I went to the Honda dealership in El Monte. I didn’t have this (experience).

Carolla – an auto enthusiast himself – and co-hosts Gina Grad and “Bald” Bryan Bishop described the dealerships as “state of the art” during their visits, equipped with top technology. range and offering a “very nice” car-buying experience.

The trio also share their take on a more recent Vroom spot, “Puppet” which depicts a woman inquiring about an SUV at a dealership, only to be ignored by sales staff. The frustrated customer pulls out a ventriloquist dummy, who then asks about the same SUV and is immediately helped by a salesperson.

Carolla said he finds this post obsolete again, saying, “We’ve taken the turn of this one, Vroom.”

Offering his point of view, Bishop said, “The selfless salesperson was the dumbest of them all. Because, have you ever been to one of these showrooms? They will come down on you.

Grad added, “They jump on it. And as someone who went to the Subaru dealership on their own this year to buy a car, I had no problem.

Carolla and her team suggested that dealer sales staff could benefit from a more in-depth knowledge of vehicle characteristics, such as knowing details such as the exact horsepower differences between different iterations of a vehicle or the size. from its fuel tank.

“The servers come in every night and have to relearn a menu,” Grad said. “You can do it.”

The full episode is available at the link below. [WARNING: Contains profanity].


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