A look back at Tesla and how it became a phenomenon


When it comes to electric cars, there’s no denying that Tesla has changed the perception of how people think about electric mobility. The brand has reached such a high financial level that Tesla has just reached a market cap of $ 1,000 billion. Aside from what’s going on now and why Tesla is everyone’s favorite brand, there are a few big steps Musk had to take before he became a phenomenon.

Truth be told, Tesla was the first automaker to introduce a world-leading autonomous vehicle, an exciting electric car that could burn tires and outperform hot Ferraris while welcoming and driving kids to school. The answer behind this is the vision of the man behind the wheel of Tesla Motors: Elon Musk.

How did Tesla overcome the boring stats and internet memes of racing an electric Prius? Let’s find out.

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Tesla wasn’t founded by Musk, but he had a clear vision for how an electric vehicle could save the planet

Tesla Model X in The Boring Company's underground loop system

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Tesla was originally founded by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, who then sold the company to Elon Musk. The idea of ​​building a super-electric car came to my mind when Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning were buying an electric sports car. They turned to the AC Propulsion tzero. Much like most electric cars produced at the time, it lacked the most important aspect of any electric car, which is a range of several kilometers combined with zero infrastructure to drive an electric vehicle. Soon they founded Tesla Motors with one thing in mind that helped them succeed in their “Kindle Business”: lithium-ion batteries. They were the first company to introduce a small device for reading books, much like the Amazon Kindle today, and it was efficient thanks to lithium-ion batteries. It was a long way until the first Tesla car was built and named the Roadster. It shared similar parts and was based on the Lotus Elise.

Now, enough with the history lesson. Let’s come to the interesting part where Elon walks in and launches the Roadster into space.

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Lithium-ion battery helped Tesla raise boring, short-range electric cars

GM EV1 crashed

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GM was the first automaker to build an electric car for the masses. Right now, the technology was not efficient and electric cars were not in great demand, which led to GM scrapping these electric cars and crushing them. Tesla sold out to create economies of scale. Having a clear vision, Musk built factories and expanded his operations to make affordable electric cars available to the public. The company released its first model to the masses in 2012, named the Model S. It was after the Tesla Roadster, as this model was based on the Elise and it didn’t have such a huge impact on it. ‘era.


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The Model S was built on a fully electric basis, with lithium-ion batteries and fast 0-60mph run times. In its introduction, the Model S had a sticker price of $ 39,990 for a base model with a single engine configuration. It was able to go 160 miles on a full charge, featured a crazy, futuristic interior while looking nothing like a drab electric car from Toyota or Honda. Tesla also offered a dual-engine setup that could travel 249 miles of range – it was the most successful model when it debuted in 2012. However, Tesla quickly ditched the single-engine Model S in 2013.

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Innovation, more software updates, functions, scope and ridiculous fashion

Tesla Model 3 autopilot sonar

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In 2014, Tesla’s driver assistance technology was introduced. This meant that all Tesla cars produced after 2014 were equipped with the necessary camera, radar and ultrasonic sensor for Driver Assist to work, and owners could add this option later as part of the package. ‘an update if they paid the extra. Similar updates happen frequently for Tesla cars – which is a great feature that owners can take advantage of without paying any extras or visiting dealerships.

Tesla Model 3 infotainment display screen navigation

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Cutting-edge infotainment systems have set Tesla apart from the rest of the club. People discovered something they had never seen before, smart navigation and options that buyers couldn’t get anywhere else. Being able to watch Netflix while charging and with next-level graphics, the Tesla has set a new standard in infotainment systems.

Other car manufacturers have tried to integrate Google, Apple or Amazon to bring intelligence to their navigation systems while Tesla runs on its own navigation and artificial intelligence. Tesla updates its smart software frequently, just like Apple does with its iPhone line-up – regardless of model or year, the software works the same.

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The Ludicrous mode was introduced in 2014 and debuted in 2016 for the Model S sedan. This mode allowed the Model S to sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, a significant improvement over the 3 , Previous 9 seconds. This was made possible by a smart fuse called Inconel, which has its own electronics and battery. Insane numbers are hit because Tesla cars have instantaneous power and there is no peak rpm to achieve maximum torque or horsepower – electric cars don’t even need a transmission to distribute power. to the wheels.

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Building one of the largest electricity grids to support electric mobility

A revolution in building next-level power grids to support infrastructure and ease of driving for Tesla drivers was also planned from the start. Currently, Tesla has the largest charging infrastructure in the United States, offering both conventional chargers for drivers to charge at home and superchargers across the United States. It was a great addition to help Tesla achieve his goals and run for a greener planet. Tesla compressors can charge up to 200 miles in just 15 minutes and the best part is that they are much cheaper than gasoline or diesel.

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A final look at what made Tesla soar and become a phenomenon

Tesla acceleration strip with hellcat srt

Just because Tesla are faster than most internal combustion engines doesn’t mean it’s still the best car in the world. Tesla became a phenomenon for the innovation and practicality it offered to the end user. The introduction of Falcon-Wings into an everyday SUV was mind-blowing as the public had never seen a car built for the general public open doors like a Ferrari.

Tesla’s autopilot has shown the world a new era of next-generation robotics and artificial intelligence well ahead of its competition. With all of these factors taken into account, becoming the number one automaker in the world is well-rewarded. It’s just crazy to think of a car that you could buy in stock, drive casually, be cheaper to use with a conventional gasoline car and send it to drag races without putting a dime in tuning or compromise. on reliability or comfort. Tesla is truly a global phenomenon.

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