3Key Technologies Launches All-in-One Platform That Simplifies DeFi for Institutions and the Masses


3Key technologies

3Key technologies

3Key technologies

Frankfurt, Germany, Oct 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – With nearly $ 200 billion in total value locked in (TVL), the growth of DeFi (decentralized finance) has been mind-boggling and has certainly come a long way. Today there are many DeFi projects enabling a variety of decentralized services that enable new ways of trading and generating returns for their users. The big question, however, is how do you stand still in this risky, complicated and extremely fast-paced industry.

3Key Technologies provides a comprehensive suite of DeFi portfolio management products that simplifies the DeFi user experience. It streamlines the complexity behind the internal intricacies of DeFi and brings more user-friendly experiences to new and advanced DeFi users.

In addition to efficiently managing and optimizing clients’ DeFi portfolio, 3Key uses its proprietary AI system, LYRA (Leverage Yield Risk Analytics) to ensure that users get the highest return in DeFi with the lowest possible risks. LYRA helps 3Key intelligently manage the risks associated with leveraged farming in DeFi. What LYRA does is analyze all existing DeFi protocols and on-chain data before selecting the ones that offer the best returns. Automated DeFi strategies and yield-generating apps make it easier for everyday users to mitigate risk while improving accessibility.

Jacob Caine, Chief Growth Strategist at 3Key Technologies, said, “The safety and security of their assets is the number one factor for our users to consider. DeFi is a double-edged sword, but many still choose to go for it with lucrative returns up for grabs. 3Key helps ensure that the complexities of DeFi are simplified for the regular user, providing them with an easy gateway to participate in the DeFi space through 3Key’s streamlined approach.

Burt Russel, Chief Digital Officer of 3Key Technologies, added: “We have noticed that even high net worth individuals and institutions with the resources or the time to conduct research hit a wall when it comes to navigating through. Challenge. At 3Key, users can rest assured that they are putting their assets with the most suitable DeFi protocol according to their needs, saving them the hassle and headaches of research and spending a colossal amount of time trying to find the right combination. the most optimal.

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