2023 Honda Civic Type R revealed, more to come


There have been teasers, and teasers, and teasers…and now we can see the 2023 Honda Type R uncovered.

Don’t ask about specs.

Because Honda hasn’t listed them yet.

Instead, we’re told the bodywork is light and very stiff, although it’s not said how compared to the last-gen car.

We’re promised the engine will have more power, so that’s something a little more concrete, and the six-speed manual, which appears to be the only transmission available, will be upgraded. Improved how, we don’t know — better gearing for acceleration? Shorter shifts?

Likewise, the suspension and steering are said to be “reinforced” and improved.

If we sound grumpy, it’s simply because after all this time we were hoping to hear some numbers. That said, the car looks great in this author’s eyes, even with the big-boy wing remaining as part of the experience. And after driving the current Civing Si and enjoying it, I imagine the Type R will be pretty good.

To be fair to Honda, the company is getting a little clearer with some things. This car is longer, lower and wider than what it replaces. The tires are wider, the front fender grilles larger and there is a new side sill to increase airflow efficiency. The rear wing and bumper are redesigned, the rear doors wider and the rear diffuser is new.

But the three tailpipes remain.

Inside, the serialized dash plaque moves to the dash, and the seats, carpeting and trim are red in the Type R tradition. There will be data-logging features specific to the R type.

Finally, the car will be available in five colors, including Historic Championship White, which is only available on Type R Civics. Rallye Red, Boost Blue, Crystal Black Pearl and Sonic Gray Pearl complete the menu.

Soon we will have specifications, prices and an on-sale date. For now, however, you can remain in awe.


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