Cash loans outside of your bank


Bank customers very often think that all products of the bank in which they have an account will be definitely better, cheaper and more convenient in every respect. However, it turns out that very often our bank offers less interesting loans than the one in which we do not have an account. We are looking for an answer to the question of how to choose cash loans and we have a tip: create an account in a new bank. And the new account means further fees for its maintenance. These fees can be very high and sometimes it is not worth setting up another bank account. Let’s think about taking a loan without additional suggestions. It will cost us much less and we will not have to use an additional account in order not to pay month after month for the card or its very existence. If you have a problem choosing. Some loans will cost us less if we decide on more bank products, but in reality we will pay more by maintaining two bank accounts. However, we are tempted by low interest rate and zero cost of running a savings and settlement account, which does not apply to us for several reasons.


Cash loans are not as cheap as it may seem

Cash loans are not as cheap as it may seem

Let’s think why another bank would pay off to create a virtually free offer linked to a bank account. If we earn a little less money – we will pay a few to several zlotys a month to keep the account. It turns out that the restrictions on a free account are very large and only the richest customers can afford zero cost – they earn more than several thousand, spend the card over 1000 dollars. Before we are tempted by a free bank account for a cash loan, we carefully read the regulations in full – both the promotion regulations and the regulations regarding normal fees when we are unable to meet the conditions. It remains for us to get acquainted with other offers, which, contrary to appearances, will not be as expensive as we think.


Our home bank will certainly not add us the cost of another bank account

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And as regular customers we can adapt our offer to the needs, without forcing the use of the advertised on TV offer. Regardless of whether these will be online cash loans or loans granted in a bank branch, we will certainly not encounter such additional costs. Let us seriously consider whether our bank will offer us much more than another. We can compare all offers ourselves by going to websites – but let’s read carefully with understanding. Otherwise we can get into financial trouble.

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